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We are here for all of your music and recording needs.

We offer many services such as:

Music consulting, mixing, mastering, website design, management, song coding, digital distribution, legal consulting, DJ services, journalism, publishing, production, music videos, computer repair, protools, engineering and music for all occasions!

Dubplate Services

BBC has spent years building personal relationships with hundreds of artists. This means we can get you high quality, exclusive recordings from your favorite artists with quick turnaround time for your sound!

Music for All Occasions and Events

Whether you’re looking for progressive club DJs, or private event DJ who can play all genres of music in any format (Serato or Vinyl).

Music Recording, Mixing & Mastering

We have a state of the art, HD Recording Studio where you can book studio time or hire us to record, mix and master your next project.

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Digital Distribution

Dubplate Services

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